What People Say About EIASE

Jill Shaw - EIASE Autism Team

“After moving back to central Illinois from Colorado, I was lucky enough to start working for EIASE as an autism consultant. In Colorado, I had been a teacher in an autism program for several years. Now, EIASE has allowed me to share my passion and knowledge of working with students with autism spectrum disorders with other educators for the past three years!"

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Quotes from EIASE Employees:

  • "It is a stressful environment but a very rewarding one. It's a job of changing lives. Finally, there is a lot of support in the programs."
  • "EIASE has a good work environment. Everyone is like a family. Kids can be challenging but rewarding."
  • "We are awesome! Early childhood meets 2-3 times a year to keep staff up to date with best practice/procedures and network. Office staff also provide continual classroom support throughout the school year as well."

Jeremy Doughty - Assistant Director

"I came to EIASE as a substitute aide in 1998 and instantly knew this is where I belonged. I worked as a full-time paraprofessional at EIASE for 7 school years. EIASE encouraged me to complete my education and return to school to become a teacher. Eighteen years later with an LBS1 and Masters in Administration, I am an Assistant Director helping people just like me!"

  • "EIASE has a close knit family atmosphere."
  • "The leadership team is awesome and EIASE is a great place to work with a variety of people. Plus, those tech guys rock too!"
  • "I am glad to be a part of the speech department here at DDC. Working with this population provides opportunities to develop my clinical skills while collaborating with other disciplines. I enjoy being part of this team!"
  • "The department is a close knit group. There are always opportunities for collaboration and/or assistance with whatever you need."

David Logsdon - HTLC Principal

"I started with EIASE in 1999 as a paraprofessional. After three years, I left to obtain a Masters in School Social Work and was hired back by EIASE as a school social worker at one of our schools for emotional disorders. I then earned a second Masters degree in Administration and was hired to replace our retiring principal. EIASE clearly supports and promotes from within and from outside. There is no other place I would rather work!"

  • "If you give it a chance, working here will be the most rewarding experience you can have."
  • "Our department is very welcoming and supportive. We have strong leadership!"
  • "This is a hard but very rewarding school environment. We support each other extremely well, but everyday is always different. Employees need to be flexible, listen well, anticipate future student behaviors, have fun, and be very clear on student expectations."
  • "The work is hard, but rewarding and I feel the main office supports us by visiting frequently and keeping up to date with the teachers and students."
  • "Unlike many other areas throughout the state, we have a network of teachers here at EIASE to provide ongoing support for the teachers in our department. We have wonderful support staff, and access to materials, equipment, and supplies."

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