Careers at EIASE

Working For a Joint Agreement

Working for a joint agreement is much like working for a school district. You still get the opportunity to work with great students and co-workers, However, one of the main differences is that our primary function is special education. We employ a large number of specialists in a variety of fields. If you are beginning your career or transitioning to a new area, at EIASE you will have the opportunity to work alongside supportive co-workers who have years of experience in your field. EIASE focuses on supporting and assisting you with developing your skills. We provide a great deal of support and professional development to all of our staff.


EIASE employs multiple disciplines of education and service. Below is a list of the various special education positions at EIASE. Most of these positions are full time (180 school days), however; some of these positions have the option of being part-time or extended contract.

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Adapted P.E.




Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Early Childhood Teachers


Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy

Prevocational Services

School Counselors

School Social Workers

Speech/Language Pathologists

Support Staff

Special Education Teachers

Vision Teachers

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