Who is EIASE?

Eastern Illinois Area of Special Education (EIASE) is a special education joint agreement in East-Central Illinois. We serve students ages 3 through 21 who reside in the 28 member school districts within the following eight counties: Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Moultrie, and Shelby.

EIASE operates several programs for our member school districts including:

  • Treatment and Learning Centers - 3 self-contained day schools for students with emotional disabilities located in Kansas, Humboldt, and Effingham.

  • LIFE Academy - self contained day school for students with disabilities located in Mattoon.

  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program - 3 classrooms for students who are deaf and hard of hearing located in Mattoon schools.

  • Project HELP - Preschool programs for students who are "at-risk." These classrooms are located in several communities in the 8 counties EIASE serves.

  • Itinerant Services - Services such as OT, PT, Pre-Vocational Teachers, Vision, Orientation & Mobility, & Deaf & Hard of Hearing provide services to students in their home schools.

EIASE covers over 5,000 square miles of Illinois.
Our member school districts include:

SUBS for Subs!

We need subs! Are you ready to take the next step? The requirements and application process can be overwhelming but we are here to make the process easy! If you are interested in supporting learners of all ages in our programs then join us for our in-person Subs for Subs event. In-Person Training!

Training will include:

  • Sub sandwich

  • Complimentary fingerprinting

  • Walk through of the application process

  • Substitute training and expectations

Check back in the future for dates and times!